Thursday, February 10, 2011

exchange more school ;) gile laaa... hahha

this school so spectacular ;) I like to my reason get new friend ;) learning world that new .
them very good kottt ;) and damn funny hahahaha
but this school very tight rule ;)
teacher all bring cane enter school ;) hahah
fierce will ? but good luck all my teacher okkey to me ;)
boy all fairly good and not rude same I ;) wooooo I sukaaaa. hahaha btw my class name is
5 epsilon ;) ngee 
omg ;)
eima loy in new school ;)
owh the fucking awesome coz i have  new friend and new group ;)
 I not expect that this school very large ;) 
I hope me are going to reach my ambition here ;) 
dear ALLAH give  opportunity to me to bail knowledge here ;O) 
but in I am happy I remember also to SMK PUTRAJAYA P18 ;) 
at my ex school I many experiences ;)
like, sad ,sad ,happy ;) 
hahaha x taw kenapa ckp mcm tu ;)
I will miss my  old friend, my old teacher ;) all your merit will eima loy remember and will not be extinguished in my memory in past ;

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