Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my love i past to my best friend 11/1/1994

dear friend !you my friend 1 year and 3 mont !! you are my twins coz we have a same nickname and same birtday 11/1/1994 !! this year we have been celebrat our birtday at KAROKE ALAMANDA with our friend at smkp18!! we happy together !! remember ?  dont you remember that i m with him ? i thing you know beb !  !! i cant believe that you have been together with him(my ex) ! event you know that him was mine before ! OMG ! i trust you to take care of him when i m moving to smkp9(1)...i hope i get a great news about him..but i hear that you couple with him ? dont you know that was hurt ? it cut me like a knife !!! then a very hurt when i saw you and him always together at presint 6 DRAGON BOAT event !..i feel so fool why i m coming to that place that can make my heart sick !.dont ask me whare i know this story ! coz him say to me like this (i m with another gulz)....OMG !how do you feel if you in my place now ? hurt ? sick ? sad? however plz take care of him okky ! hope happy dude ! btw i m DONE with you ! hye dear i never blame on you ! just i cant accp this !!!!

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