Monday, March 14, 2011

conversations eima loy

today i just want to share my story about our conversations . i type this becouse i feel so sad to type but this just for a story about broken heart but now having done ! he is my ex boy ! he name is muhammad helmi bin suhaimi a.k.a katik he is very kind ;). now he study at ipoh and take coss engenering of air corn ! i guess ...hahah ! i kinda miss this moment becouse he is to kind and i like he so much ! i have been away from him is one year ! omg ! i year i dont know he story !!..urmm..
but today he have been mesej me about he life <333 the story will begin ;)
he~sAlam ema .
he ~ emma sihat ?
me~ boleh la
he~urmm emy lama x lepak putra kot..
me~ owh yeke
he~ ema np ? mcm x sihat je ?
me~sihat je cuma mals nk msj
he~ la mcm tu lak..urmm
me~you sihat ? rinduu i ek msj i ?
he~ agak rindu la but nk buat mcm new orng da TAKEN ! ~.~
me~taken ? hahah spm sudah dude !
he~ poyo jep single ! bukan emy  x taw time kita break pow sal ada  mamat minat ema ..
me~ye ke ? sapew ZACK ? (my ex boyfie ) da la cerita lama la dude !
he~ nk tannya boleh ?
me~what ?
he~ what do you feel with me ?
i dont reply that msj coz i feel so sad ! what my feeling to him ? love ? friend ? arrrr
i still love him but he just leave me for one year !
i cant cheathing with my heart.
after so long i m not reply then he send me this
he~pe perasaan mu pada orng yang hantar msj ney ?
benci~ abaikan msj ini
rindu ~bls lek msj nie
teman rapat~sekali mizkol
cinta~3x mizkol
sayang~kol sekarang !
me~ i just call him ;)
we talk about each other ! and i m done ;)
i just say to him that i m want be close just a friend !
i m sory b ! i just need time for all this ..
thnz for you love i just put it in a box ;)
that was better ;)

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