Thursday, March 24, 2011

hero arrive late . that early is heartbreaker

hye reader , it me eima loy the owner of this blog ;) i would like to share a HOT topic  !! it was HERO ARRIVE LATE ,THAT EARLY IS HEARTBREAKER ! it this true ? i also confius lol ... hahah but many woman say that ! them say it was so true , many people alway make love like disposable love ! but this always make me feel so crazy ! hhaha boring love huh ? feeling of love is from spouse's heart respectively to remain later ;) if i have this love i never want to share but i have to share coz human never want be alone right ? waithing ? it very hart to find miss or mr waithing =.= ..why many people have to find another gulz or boy ? btw they have a kind gulz and boy before.. many heart was daying coz this ... but believe me anything happen have they own reason ! the past only past !!

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