Thursday, March 17, 2011

i have new friend ;)

she awesome , she is pretty , she so kind , she is my new friend <3
she is  ERIESSA ;)
she stay at presint 14 semi-d
she is smk putrajaya presint16(1) student 
she is so pretty and polite  
she is very small gulz ;0
i like her style coz she so awesome
she always take care her friend ;)
many new song i know from her coz she is heavy with music ;)
so i feel so lucky i know her
she is my new besstiee
i hope she will take care of my heart 
i create a story about her becouse i dont want lose her
becouse she is the real friend ;)

p/s ~ dude saptu nie kita hang out pavi okky iloveyou dude <33

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