Sunday, March 20, 2011

what i feel today ?

hye you all , it me eimaloy ,the owner of this blog .hehe !! i just want to share i feel in line of life ;)
my life so good then before .huhu my study now so awesome ! i just need more work to get streat A in spm low..but i need more then before ! arrr spm !! ..but now i m still ok and normal..haha today was end of holiday of school =.= i feel so unhappy..hahha but happy to see member2 hahah *gileee tol*
but my life now bz with school ..haisss how i can haddle all this ? study+sport+karate do+add class+komputer test metro driving academi+TUSYEN= crazy = hhahahhaa but i m so lucky i have my bubu ;)
he so take care of my heart ;) but he not mine;) he just a boy friend that i know in smkp9(1)  hahah acly i know he before but not realy close ;) but know me have been make new friend it was L.O.C.E.N.G <33 THANK YOU DUDE ;)

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