Wednesday, March 9, 2011

when i not feeling well ! ;(

today was 4 day i m at home ! becouse i have fever ;(
i feel very fluu and dizzy..
my anti body so low ...
i hate when i have fever ..
but what can i do ? this was a fate ..
i will accp it ..
i hope i will getthing better soon ;)
many friend worrie about me ;)
i feel so happy ..
i tought them never care about me ;)
i very grateful 
my weight have been lose ;(
coz i dont have feel to eat ..
my sister always worrie about me..
i have to be so strong to all this ...
thank you for my ex boy coz care of me ;)
muhammad zaxry bin zaily (zack)
muhammad fazreen azri bin latif (faz)
muhammad fahmi hafiz bin lafif (amie)
ahmad amirul asraf bin azmi (ayoi)
syazwan bin jamil (karipap)
   izkandar zukarnain mohd (iz)
thank you for my beloved family coz always saport of me;) 
emma rizzad binti a.rahman
emma aqita binti a.rahman
amir hamzah bin a.rahman
amir saifuddin bin a.rahman
amir johan bin a.rahman
emma rafidah binti a.rahman
emma nazatul biha binti a.rahman
emma nur sara binti a.rahman
muhammed amir rasyidi bin a.rahman
muhammad amir hanafi bin a.rahman
not forget to my fellow friend ;)

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