Saturday, April 23, 2011



Hello hello and hello there ;)
so long im not update my blog ;)
i m so bz with my rel life ;)
spm ! spm ! spm ! spm
arrr ! stresss with that ;)
opppp ! sory  ! i just want to say that i have new friend ;)
her name is AZIEE ;)
i know her when i waithing the bus to go home ;)
i never thought she by bus with me,, haha
but first time we meet , we never talk each other ;(
i feel so sad ;(
i want friend with her becouse her face same like my ex best friend ;( *aryana jasmeen*
but since we always go up bus .
I  brave my self to speak with her ;)
but first time certainly shameful,.
do not know la why ;)
but alhamdulilh we can already befriend
our reason brain together mad ;)
I hope she happy friend with me ;) 

p/s ~ i love you friend thank for you friendly ;)

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