Monday, April 11, 2011

deeper conversation ;) i miss you more then you miss me ;)

hye peeps ;)
now i in the mode of laveera ;)
she is realy means to me ,
i dont know why them alway by my side event we fight or happy tgthr ;)
i know i have to much sint in world =.=
but them still accp me as a bestfriend ;)
thnz guy ur are realy meant to me ;)
btw i miss our memory date ;(
i hope i can see you face again bebey !
sory if i dont text you or make ur heart hurt !
i m to sorry i realy dont meant it <3
hye guy remember this !
p/s ~ i never let my past memory just like river so far away !
ur memory with me is so awesome and i cant forget ;) 

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