Thursday, April 14, 2011

sory sir i m late =.=

hye reader it me eima loy just want to share my story today is my bz day coz i have pack time =.=
always runing3 hahahaha.... today i have extra class ! after i back from KARATE-DO i run *not run acly i just walk with big step*  to bus stop and wait the bus coming around ! the bus arival so late =.= ! hahaha i walk out of school 5.00 pm ! haissss ! i arival from presint 9 to presint 14 .but i m so lucky that  bus have been arival on the right time ;) thnz NADI PUTERA ;)  after i prepare to extra class at CERIA MAJU  presint 8 ! 6.40 i have been at that place !.. then i enter the class many people looking at me ! arrrrr so shame =.- hahah ! i just ingnore them..hahah then  SIR ADAM say (why you so late young ladies?) i just silennnt..hahaha sory sir ! i just cant answer you ;) i m not feeling in good mode..ahahaha

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