Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OKKey dude ! this is FYKA ELKA ..;) i want to share story about her ;) iknow her from azie (my bestie) firstly i feel so shine to talk to her coz i m to blurrr... to say something all !.. hahah siriouly i shineeee dude... haha okky3 She is very kins , beauty , soft spoken and polite person ;) siriously.. hhahaha.. dude you make me freedom  ;) EH2 she is very small gulz ;) hehehe... she live at gombak... but she school at my school.. it was so farrrr... hahah... but she always come to school.. no escape to move on in study.. siriously she is very hot at boy eye !!! may b coz she is very bright face ;) heheh... btw i love her body shape !!!.. siriouly i want body like herrr.... her weight is 48 may b... huhuhu... i want my weight like that .. hahaha... i try for it.. huhu... i m to chubby right now.. heheh... no matter i will be like her body shape one day coming up ;) hehehe....

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