Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i cant understand what my feeling want with you ?

i m so in love with you ..but you not mine ! so how my feeling so damt much miss you ? what happen with me ? he never remember me ? so why i still wait for him ? event he have new people ? i m always miss him ? OMG ! why i m so down when i saw him ? event he is not mine .  it cut me like a knife ! i m so sick of all this SUCKthing .when he leave me with no REASON ! i m so hurt to let him go..he say he dont want me sick with him ? what he means ? i cant understand why i m so love him ..when first time we meet ..he is so awesome coz he is so silen person.then we have been together,i never tought that we have to leave each other. hye bebey you can see my heart beathing ..
Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash, you. To give me all your love is all I ever asked cause what don’t understand is id catch a grenade for ya. To give me all your fucking love is all I ever asked cause you so innocent face ...
What happened to our love?
It used to be so bright
Loving, laughing, caring
Then soon caught the night
You were my one and only love
Cared for you too much
Then something happened
And slept with that man
You deceived me
I never felt so desperate
But I try to forgive you now
And try not to think about before
I love you so much
It just hurts to ponder no
Everything I have
Is because of you
Everything I bought
Was because of you
I just love you so much
I'm scared to lose you 
mohammad syazwan bin jamil !

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