Tuesday, February 22, 2011

time to LIFETIME ;)

eima here <3 just want to say that i m so happy with my friend coz them so awesome ;) event first time them never existence i !...hahah but never mind <3 
i have new friend that so awesome <3
hye dear thnz coz be my friend at smkp9(1)
miza ,mika,nunu.finaz,eyia and mira ;) 
the most popular is my class member 5 EPSILON <3
and all who know me aS well ...
owhh damt i miss them event a second ;)
them so cute and small then me ;)
but never mind you still my best friend until end <3
thnz guy coz make my life so different <3
YA ALLAH plz give us to with forever <3

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