Friday, February 18, 2011


my day so unlucky with no you in my side..i feel so down when you say you love me less..i so unhappy when i hear that..oh dear i cant stand  anymore..i cant so far away from you event i m 1 month 2 day with  make my life great..i dont know why !you leave with no reason ? WHY me ? why you so HEARTLESS? did i do something wrong ? just let me know what ? i reject 6 guy to take my heart..but i choose you to take care my heart..but BROKEN  i get !  i just dont want to say to you coz i dont want to hurt you ! becoz i dont want to LOSE you...but this is you decide to leave me ! i take you face and keep in my heart..coz i m broken when i m lonesome and o dont feel right when you are gone .i never think you a worse boyfieee...but you are my dream boyfiee event just a month..i greatfull with all i have .thnz to ALLAH coz meet me with youu so awesomeee....i just want to say if you meet somebody new  ! plz take care of her..plz dont betray her like you do to me..dont hurt her event just a small thing..dont let her so lonely with you voice. give her all you love..dont be so humble..plz dont love@like if you dont like SOMEBODY (HER) !becoz it can make her life dying like me here... dont lie and betray you heart ! dont cheathing her like you do before..the past was a fate..dont ask WHY !!

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