Wednesday, March 2, 2011

L.O.C.E.N.G ;)

Best Friend..but now I have feelings for him...but....


 So there is this guy *C TINGGI*,,,we've known each other all our lives,we've grown up together(17 yrs)..
I've never seen him as anything more than a best friend...until now!!
People have said we would make a cute couple and that we act like a couple...but he has a girlfriend ..I would not ever do anything to come between them...NEVER.....lately he is upset because he says he can't say anything without her getting annoyed with him....I've been trying to help them work things out ..I have no intentions of breaking them up because he is my best friend and I want him to have whatever/whoever makes him happy and if thats her then I want him to work things out with her...In the past I have actually got him back together with ex's because he liked them so much and didn't know what to do so I helped.I only say anything when he asks for help and then I help however I can.. ;)

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